The area of ​​green spaces, parks, public gardens, children’s playgrounds, sports facilities was 26,639 hectares, at the level of the cities and municipalities of Romania at the end of 2017, an average for every inhabitant of 21,3 sqm of green space, according to data of INS.

Municipalities and towns that exceed 50 sqm/inhabitant area of ​​green spaces are Cavnic (674.1 sqm), Borsec (166.7), Slanic (160.4), Sovata (154.4), Baile Olanesti (140.9) Sarmasu (124.2), Lipova (122.7), Baia Mare (119.2), Baile Herculane (117.8), Pancota (91.6), Covasna (84.9), Piatra-Olt (78.5), Videle (77.7), Băile Govora (74.1), Mangalia (73), Ocna Sibiului (71.9), Solca (69), Câmpina (68), Talmaciu 67.1), Nucet (65.6), Buzias (64.4), Simeria (60.1) Ineu (59.8), Calimaneşti (55.6) and Buftea (51).

The figures in the most important cities are a lot smaller of around 23 sqm/inhabitant in Bucharest, 16 sqm/inhabitant in Timisoara or 25 sqm/inhabitant in Cluj-Napoca.

According to INS, as well, at the end of 2017, the built-up area was 465,454 ha, with 2,672 ha more than in 2016.

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