Administrare Active 3, a company set up by the Local Council of District 3, has been given a mandate to acquire a prefabricated factory with an estimated value of EUR 5 million + VAT.

The Explanatory Memorandum states that, based on a Board decision dated 17 July, the Chairman of the Board of Administration of Active Sector 3 SRL was given a mandate to start the proceedings for a project aimed at the construction of such a factories.

Company representatives, however, said in an address for the City Hall that the construction of such a plant is a long and complex process, involving the identification of land, the purchase of equipment and the employment of qualified personnel, according to Agerpres.

Delta Antrepriza de Constructii si Montaj 93 made an offer for the sale of a pre-fabricated polygon, worth EUR 8.3 million + VAT, offering land, constructions, storage equipment, access ways. The response of Administrare Active 3 was an uncommitted purchase offer worth EUR 4.6 million euros + VAT on the acquisition of the factory located in Popeşti-Leordeni.

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