Medicover, one of the largest private healthcare providers in Central and Eastern Europe, has completed the transaction for the takeover of the Academica Medical Centers from the family of Sorin Oprescu, the former mayor of Bucharest. The medical centers are located close to the Romana Square and Charles de Gaulle square in Bucharest.

The Oprescu family also owns the private Metropolitan Hospital in the capital. However, the company through which they own the hospital entered bankruptcy at the end of last year. Sorin Oprescu is in house arrest after he was found guilty of bribery in 2015.

Medicover has been present on the Romanian market for 21 years, and has a network of 25 own clinics in Bucharest and in other Romanian cities, as well as a general hospital in the capital. It also owns Synevo, the largest medical laboratory in Romania, with 86 collection centers, 16 laboratories and a regional lab test center in Bucharest.


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