After the dissolution of Romania’s external promotion offices last year, the Tourism Ministry, Bogdan Trif, says that it was an enormous mistake, but by the end of the year there will be specific procedures to reopen them.

”Last year, the abolition of external promotion offices was an enormous mistake, because it left Romania somewhat isolated. We recognize the mistake even if it does not belong to me personally, we lost the direct connection with the big tour operators. We have already promoted a modification of a Government Decision which is on the notice board, it is on the site to public transparency. Moreover, we are proposing to set up 20 offices outside, after we had eight before, ” Trif said.

According to Tourism Minister, the offices has to have people with experience and people who can help tourism in Romania. These people will be permanently evaluated. If they do not work, they will be recalled. The representative in such an office will have the rank of diplomat, ” Trif stated.

Last year at the beginning of May, the former Tourism Minister, Mircea Dobre, announced that the foreign tourism offices will be abolished and Romania’s international tourist representation mode will be rethought.

The minister argued at the time, the reason for this decision was that the offices of external promotion worked on budgets artificially created, with little control over the correctness of the amounts advanced as an expense.

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