The Romanian Businessmen Association (AOAR) supports the launch of a public dialogue through which employers’ associations and trade unions reach a consensus on setting or lifting the minimum wage for the private sector trying to use the declarations of Eugen Teodorovici, minister of Finances.

”We consider as objective the initiative of Minister Teodorovici, regarding the importance of fixing or not of a minimum wage in the private sector, taking into account the realities of the economic structure and the differences productivity between different sectors. In the context of the wage differences existing between the different regions of the country, the elimination of the minimum wage would could be a factor that can stimulate the creation of new jobs in less attractive areas, mainly due to lack of infrastructure, ”said AOAR officials.

In analyzes and discussions aimed at eliminating or maintaining the minimum compulsory wage in the system AOAR proposes to evaluate the possibility of adopting a minimum hourly wage rather than a monthly salary, which would corresponds to the reality of a marked economy of variations in domestic and international demand.

AOAR believes that the specialization and development of services that provide increased added value can be stimulated by the introduction of legal enforcement and not by arithmetical calculations (monthly wage divided by 160 hours) of the minimum hourly wage, thus allowing for a normal flexibility of labor costs and growth of the competitiveness of companies.

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