Cooperativa Tara Mea, a cooperative gathering around 350 farmers, takes over the livestock division of Hunland Romania. The move is expected to bring a yearly growth of several million euros. The cooperative also entered talks with local player Premium Porc Group, for the latter to join the cooperative with a part of its production units. 

Cooperativa Tara Mea signed a partnership with Hunlad Romania and took over the company’s entire production capacity. As per the partnership’s provisions, Hunland Romania becomes a member with full rights in the cooperative. The move is forecasted to bring growth of several million euros.

“Hunland will provide genetic materials of the best quality in the cooperative’s own farms and will administer the entire process of rearing and feeding. We already know [the cooperative] is a trustworthy partner and are happy it is a partner we can support and, at the same time, be based on. The integrated production started to take shape in Romania and are heading towards the right direction: that of be less dependent on imports,” Florin Burculescu, Cooperativa Tara Mea said.

“We are optimistic regarding this partnership. It is an extremely important step for us and, actually, for the entire Romanian pork industry,” Cristian Tocanel, Hunland Romania director said.

“We are honoured by the partnership with Tara Mea. I strongly believe in this type of cooperation, of integrated works, it is the way in which the entire production will be organised in the future. We are strong partners and this is the asset that guarantees quality. We have been in Romania for 18 years and believe that pork production is moving from individual farms to integrated production, which is precisely the part we will provide to Tara Mea. The first objective is to make production in Romania stronger and safer, and, above all, less dependent on imports,” Dennis Hermkens, Hunland import-export manager said.

Premium Porc Group, one of the biggest producers of livestock in Romania, with farms in several Romanian counties, submitted a request to join Cooperativa Tara mea for a part of its production units. The procedure will be followed by an audit.

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