The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Banking (CSALB), which manages the infrastructure needed to amicably resolve disputes between consumers and banks or non-financial banking institutions, announced on Wednesday that it would launch an online app to help consumers more easily send their requests for counselling or arbitration.

The app aims to make procedures simpler and to shorten the length of the counselling process.

“By launching this app, CSALB once again comes to the support of consumers by offering the quickest communication methods in order to cut waiting times. The app is easy to use, both by experienced users as well as by people who are less used to technology, and it benefits both traders and counsellors. Through the new app, a user can quickly access all the documents associated with the notice they submitted and that they may need. We expect this feature to encourage consumers to turn to CSALB and also allow us to more quickly process our cases,” said Alexandru Paunescu, member of CSALB’s Coordination Board.

The app allows direct upload of documents through scanning, including from a smartphone. The documents will be available for viewing for both the app and the counsellor, without the need of separately sending documents.



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