The equipment in Terra Park in Bucharest’s District 6 will be put up for public auction with a starting price of EUR 1.9 million excluding VAT, according to The park was opened in 2011 after an investment of almost EUR 5 million, but it went bankrupt shortly after the opening.

Another attempt to sell the park equipment took place last summer, but it was unsuccessful. Today, the park’s operator, controlled by businessman Razvan Petrovici, is in bankruptcy and the equipment has not been used for about four years.

Recently, it was reported that Petrovici had received four offers for the sale of the equipment. British company Interlink offered about EUR 900,000, and a similar offer was submitted by Trootswijk, one of the largest online industrial auctions organizers in Europe, which offered EUR 800,000, but asked for a success fee. Another offer came from a company in Constanta, which only wanted a few pieces of equipment for about EUR 200,000.

The highest offer was surprisingly made by Asset Management District 3 SRL, through which the District 3 Local Council mainly carries out real estate projects – the company offered EUR 1.9 million, and it probably aims to transfer the Terra Park equipment to another park in District 3.

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