According to a Sky News poll, 78 percent of voters think Theresa May’s government is doing a bad job of negotiating Brexit, up 23 percentage points from March.

Earlier this month, the UK government set out in detail for the first time what kind of trading arrangement it wants to maintain with the EU after leaving the bloc. This triggered a political crisis that saw two senior ministers resign in protest at May’s performance.

Two-thirds of Britons believe the government will end up with a bad deal when Britain leaves the European Union next year.  The Sky poll said 65 percent of British voters thought the government would end up with a bad deal, up by 15 points from March. Also, half of them would like to be given the chance to vote on Brexit. Half of the respondents said they support a referendum to choose between leaving with a deal, leaving without a deal or staying in the EU. The Sky News poll also showed that 40 percent opposed such a vote, while 10 percent did not know.

The proportion of Britons satisfied with May’s performance dropped to 24 percent, down by 17 percent since March, the Sky poll showed. Only 10 percent of those polled thought the government was doing a good job.

The respondents were split on whether Brexit would be good or bad deal for the country. While 40 percent said it would be good, 51 percent said it would be bad.

When asked to choose between three options – May’s deal, a no deal or staying in the EU – 48 percent said they would prefer to stay in the EU, 27 percent wanted to leave with no deal and 13 percent would opt for the government’s deal.

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