With the construction started in 2014, Segments 3 and 4 of Sebes-Turda highway, should be opened today, after a 2 years delay. Practicly, in more than 48 months since the contract was signed, there were constructed around 550 meters monthly.

Today the officials of the National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR) and the representatives of the State Inspectorate of Construction inspect the two segments of the highway ”and probably will  accept the works “, Narcis Neaga, general manager of CNAIR said.

According to the representatives of construction companies, Tirrena Scavi – Societa Italiana per Condotte D’acqua for Segment 3 and Porr Construct for Segment 4, the two segments of Sebes-Turda highway are ready for reception.

The construction was repeatedly delayed, the initial date of delivery being March 2016. The laast repair was made last week on segment 3 after a portion was mowed due to nonconformities.

In March this year, Segment 4 cracked and required interventions, ”minore ones”, as constructor Porr said, and the reception was delayed from April, to May, to June, and now at the end of July.

The 29 km of the motorway are between Aiud and Turda, where they intersect with the Transylvania highway. The Segment three investment reached RON 420 million, and for Segment 4 the value of the construction is around RON 470 million.

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