After the Constitutional Court (CCR) declared Sovereign Development and Investment Fund (FSDI) law unconstitutional, Darius Valcov, a state counselor of the Prime Minister’s , said for a TV Station that the FSDI could be set up in two weeks after the motivation of the Court Constitutional

“I think that in two weeks from the motivation is presented, the Fund will appear, ” Valcov stated.

The Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said, as well, that FSDI would be set up by a government decree after the Constitutional Court announced it was not possible to do so through a law.

“Following the decision of the Constitutional Court, the next steps are at government level – issuing an ordinance to create the general legal framework that the Court deemed necessary, and the next step would be to issue a government decision to establish the Fund,” Teodorovici explained.

On July 18, the Constitutional Court of Romania accepted the statements made by President Klaus Iohannis, PNL, USR and PMP to the law on the establishment of the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund and declare it unconstitutional.

On June 7, Parliament adopted the project to set up FSD), which will include 33 state-owned companies. Its shareholder will be the Romanian state and the share capital will amount to 9 billion lei.

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