The mobile phone services are the making the most complaints to the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), which has received and solved 1,310 complaints from the Romanian communications users in the first semester of the year, up 42 percent from last year.

Most complaints, 593, concerned issues related to mobile telephony services. Of the all categories of services (telephony, internet, retransmission of audiovisual programs, postal services), the most complaints received by the Authority during the first six months of the year relate to mobile telephony services (45% of all reported problems), postal services (14%), fixed internet access services (12%), porting of telephone numbers (8%) and audiovisual programs retransmission services (7%).

The quality of electronic communications services is the most frequently denounced subject to ANCOM, amid increased user demand and diversification of services, with notifications received by the Authority in the first part of the year at 182, followed by notifications regarding service billing (156 petitions), distance contracts (129 petitions) and lack of information or inappropriate information by users (121 petitions).

The centralized data for the first semester shows that most of the complaints made by users of electronic communications services referred to the services provided by RCS & RDS (272 petitions), Vodafone Romania (228 petitions), Telekom Romania Mobile Communications (207 petitions ), Orange Romania (129 petitions) and Telekom Romania Communications (102 petitions).

In the postal services segment, ANCOM received 180 complaints, most of which related to the delivery deadline (44%) and postage mail (24%).

The most prominent postal service providers in the first six months of the year were Urgent Cargus with 70 complaints, Fan Courier with 38 complaints and the National Post Romanian Company with 27 complaints.

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