Vidal Chriqui, co-founder of the BTU Protocol, will speak during the first edition of Focus on Blockchain organized by Business Review on July 19 at Impact Hub in Bucharest.

He will have a keynote speech on “The future of Reservation: How can a peer-to-peer booking protocol impact the Internet economy”.

Chriqui is a technical expert in distributed systems which led him to very early interest in Bitcoin and later in Ethereum. Fascinated by the Bitcoin protocol that he envisioned as a masterpiece of computer architecture, mixing technical and economic considerations, he launched “Blockchain Révolution”, the first free French speaking video series about bitcoin and blockchain.

He is the inventor of the ERC-808 Ethereum standard, the first peer to peer reservation protocol that can disrupt the whole online booking industry.

Focus on Blockchain is an industry event committed to bring together tech driven companies, entrepreneurs, crypto and blockchain aficionados and investors to explore the wealth of opportunities that blockchain unveils, learn about its use cases and understand how they can apply technology to better the world.


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