The National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF) announced in a press release, that the unified tax statement can be submitted online by visiting the website

“In order to simplify the online submission and filing of the unified tax declaration, the Ministry of Public Finance – ANAF provides taxpayers with a dedicated IT application, which can be accessed,” ANAF stated.

The statement can be completed and submitted on the new website if the username and password of the Virtual Private Space account are used, according to ANAF.

The institution recommends the timely use of the application dedicated to online completion and submission of the single fiscal declaration, in order to avoid making the deposition procedure more difficult by a large number of users registered simultaneously in the system.

“Taxpayers who submit electronically the single fiscal declaration benefit from a 5 percent full income tax payment until 15 March 2019 inclusive, representing the annual tax obligations for 2018. A 5 percent bonus is also granted for social contributions due according to the law,” says ANAF.

The government extended yesterday the deadline of the declaration, from July 16 to July 31.

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