Ikea announced for the middle of July, the first two collecting point of online ordes, in Brasov and Timisoara. A third collecting point will be opened at the end of the same month in Cluj-Napoca.

The clients will be able to buy in the store, the online store or by phone and opt out to receive the products in the collecting points in Brasov and Timisoara.

The transport cost is lower that the price of home delivery. For packages with less than 3o kilo the price is RON 29 and for packages over 30 kilo the price is RON 49.

The company started the employment for the two collecting points, located in Magnolia Sopping City in Brasov and Euro 2 commercial center in Timisoara.

The company will open at the end of the summer the second Romanian store in Easter Bucharest, of 37,000 sqm and is searching for 350 employees.

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