Giant IT company Microsoft is swapping the market for a new office around 25,000 sqm. Sources told BR that the area targeted is close to Politehnica and the office buildings near Basarab Bridge.

It seems that the American company tries to reunite most of its employees in the same location. For now, Microsoft  has its central Romanian headquarters in City Gate, in Northern Bucharest and leased another 3.600 sqm in Globalworth Plaza, in Floreasca-Barbu Vacarescu area.

Around Basarab Bridge area there are several projects under development such as Orhideea Towers of CA Immo, The Bridge of Forte Partners, but an eligible project is, Campus 6, of Skanska, as well, of which the developer recently sold the first of four buildings of the project to CA Immo for EUR 53 million. At delivery, Campus 6 will include a total leasable area of 82,000 sqm, with the first phase having around 22,000 sqm office lease space.

Another area that might be targeted by Microsft is Timpuri Noi, where Vastint, the real estate arm of Ikea, develops Timpuri Noi Square, project which will comprise at delivery around 100,000 sqm of office spaces.

And, according to our sources, Microsoft can wait for the construction of a new building to be leased altogether.

”Microsoft Romania is growing steadily as a number of employees, and this growth is generated by the service and support division, which has now reached more than 1,200 people serving almost all Microsoft technologies for customers worldwide, being at the moment Microsoft’s largest service and support center in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The loyalty of our employees is a central concern, and the workspace is an important component, part of a wider approach that centers on flexibility, mobility and comfort. In this context, the in-house workplace team is always active to ensure we offer our top teammates top. We can confirm that we are currently in a process of prospecting the market and, to the extent that it will end with a decision, the developer will have the freedom to communicate,” Microsoft told BR.

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