One of the biggest milk producer in Spain, Cercle Gespromat SL company-with its agri-food division, that owns the ATO milk brand, five processing plants, and several cow farms in Catalonia, is interested in buying, on long term, maize from Romanian producers. Also, the company is looking for a Romanian milk collector interested in importing from Spain.


“Romania’s grain production, especially maize, has been very interesting for us in the past several years. We have been importing Romanian grains through traders for some time, but we are interested in a more direct contact with the producers. It’s a way to have better control of both the quality and the price of the product”, Josep Matamala, the owner of the company, stated for Business Review. In mid may, the company officials, advised by Stoian Predoiu Attorneys, met with some potential partners in Romania, local maize producers.

Josep Matamala also is looking to expand its Catalan agriculture business in Romania by building partnerships with local milk collectors and producers. “We are interested in being the supplier this time around, for a processor interested in buying our milk”, he added. In his opinion, his company has big competitive strengths such as volume quantities, high quality milk and low prices.

Cercle Gespromat also offers, throught it’s other three divisions, services covering the comprehensive management of property and business funds, supervising the whole process from the initial survey, planning and design right up to the production, construction. The company has acquired extensive knowledge in planning and designing farming operations, emphasizing productivity with high levels of animal well-being, optimal water management and minimal farming waste, improved by means of the internal operating processes. The company also undertakes whole civil engineering construction and infrastructure projects aimed exclusively at optimizing the use and control of both the region’s resources and its communications.


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