The Chamber of Deputies has the law that unifies the way that companies and institutions can provide vouchers for employees. The employers may provide meal vouchers, gift vouchers, nursery vouchers, cultural vouchers and holiday vouchers and can be given both digital and on paper. The draft law will now be submitted for promulgation to President Iohannis and would enter into force on January 1, 2019.

The vouchers will be issued only by the authorized companies, licensed by the Ministry of Finance. All the costs regarding the vouchers will be supported by the employers.

The value of the vouchers provided by the companies is deductible from the income tax, in the limits stated by the law, and are not to be taken into account at establishing the taxes applied to the wages.

The nominal value of the meal vouchers can not exceed RON 15.18 and can be used only for meals or groceries. The gift vouchers can have a value between RON 10 and RON 50 and can be given to the employees occasional (like the bonuses for Easter or Christmas).

The nursery vouchers will be given monthly to the employees that do not take maternity leave and can have a value up to RON 100. Also, can be used only for the payment of the nursery.

The cultural vouchers, up to RON 50, can be given any time and can be used for cinema, theater, music shows and more and for books. The holiday vouchers can be given occasionally and only for tourism inside Romania.

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