The World Cup Football 2018 will start tomorrow and it will be a good place for players to shine and for clubs and managers to buy future stars. Usually, after the World Cup many players are getting their ratings up and they can be worth a lot more money than before.

It will be interesting to see how national teams value will change after Russia World Cup so right now we will look at how are nations teams valued according to The calculations are made using the value of the latest transfer of every player.

The Romanian team, that didn’t make it to the final tournament of the World Cup 2018, has a total value of EUR 49.5 million. The most valuable player is Razvan Marin, central midfield at Standard Liege, worth EUR 7 million. Romania is placed on the place 30 in the FIFA rankings, with 782 points.

  1. France

The French national team has the highest value according to Transfermarkt at EUR 1.08 billion. The value of the players does not mean that the team is also on the top of FIFA world ranking, here it counts the points made in all the games played, so France is only on the 7th place with 1,198 points.

  1. Spain

Spain, the other favorite for the World Cup, is also worth north of one billion, at EUR 1.03 billion. The ranking in FIFA is even lower than France, with 1,126 that gives the 10th place on the board.

  1. Brazil

The only nation that won five times the World Cup in the history has many valuable players and it has a total of EUR 981 million. Since it plays well in the friendly matches too, not only in the official ones, Brazil has gathered 1,431 points and it is on the second place in the FIFA top.

  1. Germany

The winners of the last World Cup have a value of EUR 883 million, not far behind Brazil, the team that they have beaten in the last final. Germany is leading the FIFA ranking, on top of Brazil, with 1,558 points. Of course, they are also the main favorites for winning in Russia.

  1. England

The best of Great Britain teams, England has a total value of EUR 874 million, with many stars on the team. But it is not seen as one of the main favorites, even if it may have the power to win the Cup. England is placed on the 12 place with 1,126 points.

  1. Belgium

The small country of Belgium comes with a high value for the national team at EUR 754 million, gathered with players like Kevin De Bruyne (worth EUR 150 million), Eden Hazard (EUR 110 million) and Romelu Lukaku (EUR 90 million). Anyway, Belgium is ranked third on FIFA rankings, with 1,298 points.

  1. Argentina

The second nation with a total value worth of top 10 is Argentina, with a total value of EUR 696 million. Not too much considering it has the most valuable player in the world, Lionel Messi worth EUR 180 million (he shares the first place with Neymar, also valued at EUR 180 million). Argentina is on the fifth place on FIFA rankings with 1,241 points.

  1. Italy

The Italian team is one the world’s most powerfull, but this year it did nat make it to the final tournament of the World Cup. Still, the team it is worth EUR 664 million, but in FIFA rankings it comes on the 19th place with 951 points.

  1. Portugal

Looking for one more Cup with the second great player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo (worth only EUR 100 million so far, but it might change the number after the tournament) Portugal has a total value of EUR 464.5 million. The team is fourth place on FIFA rankings with 1,274 points.

  1. Netherlands

The other rich and would-be-favorite team that didn’t make it to the final tournament is the Netherlands, that still has a total value of EUR 435 million. And on FIFA ranking it is on 17th place with 981 points.

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