The British American Tobacco factory in Ploiesti, the company’s second largest plant in Europe, will be led by Michael Adamson, named COO for Eastern and Southern Europe. From Romania, Michael Adamson will also coordinate the activities of BAT’s factories in Serbia and Croatia.

Born in Northern Ireland, Adamson joined the BAT team in 1991. In his 27 years at the company, he was involved in the company’s operations in Canada, Switzerland and Hungary. Before joining the Romania team, Adamson worked at Globe House – BAT’s global headquarters in London – as a member of the global manufacturing team responsible for the Group’s technological strategy and the technical governance of capital investments. In his current position, Michael Adamson’s responsibilities include coordinating BAT factories in Romania, Croatia and Serbia, as well as the company’s supply chains for Eastern and Southern Europe.

“I am glad to join the team of dedicated professionals in Ploiesti. The 800 colleagues, employees and contractors of BAT, who work in shifts covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are the ones who allow us to be one of the largest exporters in Romania. Their results have attracted constant investments in recent years, which has transformed the Ploiesti factory in the second largest BAT factory in Europe and its fifth in the world,” said Michael Adamson.

After investments of over EUR 310 million since its opening in 1997, BAT’s factory in Ploiesti is one of the group’s best performing and well-developed factories from a technological standpoint. Around 60 percent of the volumes manufactured in Ploiesti are exported.

Francesco Toso, who led BAT Ploiesti since 2015, has taken on another role at BAT in South Africa.

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