When a company starts the process of recruiting new people the chances are that it will use an online specialized service. And those looking for professionals are posting also on LinkedIn. But no matter where a company is posting, there are some rules to follow in order to have success. So we have talked to Serden Eren, Employer Branding Solutions consultant at LinkedIn on how a company can map the hiring processes to the candidate journey.

There are today many processes of machine learning that are able to change the interface and the recommendations based on user preferences. „For example, Netflix is learning your preferences in movies. If you watch just five minutes of a serial that was recommended, the next day you won’t find the same movie on the homepage”, says Eren. The Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are both involved in this process.

There are 526 million members on LinkedIn and 18 million companies that are offering 12 million jobs and asking for 50,000 skills. The numbers are huge and impossible to be controlled without AI, applications that can scan all the date each member posts.

“The application allows us to determine if a member is active or passive and this is very important considering that our customers are asking for better and faster results in their recruiting process”, explains Eren.

A study among the professionals in the human resources show that 50 percent view Big Data as very or extremely important in shaping the future, while 35 percent says the same thing about AI. But the difference is that only 35 percent view Data as mostly or completely adopted and 8 percent view AI adopted. “There is still a ways to go in leveraging data and AI”, says Eren.

There are over 2 million professionals from Romania on LikedIn, the second biggest in our country after Facebook, and 8.1 percent of these professionals changed jobs in the past four months. The industries that dominate the local LinkedIn are IT and finance.

Just like members from other parts of the world, 70 percent of the Romanians professionals are using the network to connect and communicate with others and 68 percent research people and companies in order to learn about what other colleagues are doing. Also, 69 percent are looking for professional insights and they are staying up to date on industry discussions and 56 percent are actively learning about career opportunities.

The top ten topics in Romania on LinkedIn are, in order: leadership, interviewing/HR, Artificial Intelligence, Start-Ups, automotive, European Union, Finance, strategy, bitcoin, cloud computing.

Employer brand is very important when a company is trying to recruit people and not only on LinkedIn. “It is important to show what are you offering, how your offices are and what are your values, and all that before the candidate comes to you and ask about all that info”, says Eren. Or you can show all that in a video, like the one SodaStream made for the recruiting process.

“In just a couple of minutes you learn all about SodaStreamers, like what they do, what is their workplace like and what is your options there”, says Eren. Of course, not all the companies can pass all their information in this way but seeing the commercial is easier to understand how a company should present itself in front of the candidates. And how the Employer Brand is build.

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