Taxify, the largest European ride-hailing platform, has announced that it will open an office in Bucharest, which will serve as a software engineering centre, according to

The company is looking to hire 50 employees over the next six months, mostly as software and data engineers. The Bucharest team will be an independent development unit that will focus on concepts like routing algorithms, maps, geolocation and data science.

Taxify has around 500 employees globally, and its largest office is in Tallin, Estonia, where the company was started, with over 200 employees. However, the Bucharest office could also become one of the largest for the company. It is located in the Eroilor area in central Bucharest. Taxify also expanded its services to Cluj at the end of 2017, responding to growing demand for ride-hailing services.

Taxify has around 10 million users, of which 5 million are in Africa, and over 500,000 drivers.

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