Want to know the secrets to running a successful business? Business Review talked to the top managers who head up 20 of the most important organizations in their sectors to get the lowdown on the main lessons they have learned since taking the helm.

Here’s a lesson from Marco Hoessl, CEO, Kaufland Romania:

“One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is how important our decisions, as an organization, are for people. I have also learned that revolutionizing is the only way to stand out. Focusing on projects, causes or communities that nobody has supported before means that looking outside the box can make a strong contribution to the community. There are causes that people do not give much attention to, such as the lack of green spaces. Maybe the most important thing is to wish to be better. They say: he who has stopped wishing to be better has stopped being good. Everybody must understand now that being socially responsible can be a business approach and always brings benefits on all sides.”

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