A new investor in shareholders structure of Conso.ro was announced today in the person of Neogen, which will replace Conso Media Group. By direct acquisition and capital increase Neogen is now the owner of 27 percent of Conso.ro. Alin Iacob, co-founder and general manager of the company, also invested in the capital increase in order to keep a significant ownership in the company.

With over 12 years of existence, Conso.ro has become the main individual informant of financial products and services, diversifying its activity recently by launching a price checker for electricity. The company aims to expand the segments covered to insurance and other areas.

With experience in BestJobs, Vivre and Clever Taxi, Neogen creates the premises for the Conso business model transformation, with a major focus on financial products and services trading.

Together with the Conso team, which will be expanding in the coming period, we aim to become the main communication and trading channel between financial institutions and their current and potential clients”, says Calin Fusu, CEO of Neogen and the new Conso administrator Media Group.

Conso.ro is the most used site for comparison and financial information by the consumers in Romania. The site has over 180,000 unique users and over 700,000 monthly views. Conso.ro is an independent portal that is not managed or owned by companies that carry out credit brokerage or companies behind which are banks or other financial institutions. The services provided by Conso.ro are free for consumers.

Neogen was founded in 2000 and specializes in the development of successful marketplace businesses in the online area, the most important being BestJobs, Vivre, Clever Taxi (sold to Daimler in the meantime) and iTaxi. The investment in Conso.ro is the first in the financial field.

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