A team of Romanian artists received the third prize at the International Perfume Bottle Design Contest, held in the United States. The perfume bottle created by them is shaped as a human hand and was inspired by the legend of Master Manole (Legenda Mesterului Manole).

The three artists, who are part of SBANG scenography lab, Sorin Maxim (sculptor) and Ana Gabriela Lemnaru (art director) and Sorin Boncea (production designer) created their perfume bottle named Pulse,    for the  annual edition of the International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA), held between April 26-29.

According to the artists, Pulse is a versatile concept that has as its starting point the legend of Master Manole and the aesthetic myth of sustainable creation that needs sacrifice. Its design, a hand with lightly tightened fingers, has multiple connotations as it embodies the first letter of the alphabet in the sign language. “We thought that beyond the building there is something that binds us all: the pulse,” the artists said in a statement. “The skin has three layers, just as the scent has three layers. Through a thorough technique of molding, we integrated the container into an aesthetic form in motion, so that the final product can be heard by looking at it. ”

“After use, often, perfume bottles are thrown or kept in the box of memories. Instead, Pulse – we’ve positioned the atomizer right in the pulse area – is in itself a decorative object that transmits, whether full or empty, the same message, ” said the SBANG team.

Sorin Boncea is a visual artist and scenographer with experience in cinema, theater and TV productions, videos and commercials, Ana Gabriela Lemnaru is a set designer and interior designer, and Sorin Maxim is one of the most talented sculptors of the new generation.

The other two winners are Elaine Hyde (USA) and Gregoris Komodromos (Cyprus).

IPBA is the largest organization in the world that brings together collectors of perfume bottles, objects that are considered true works of art and traded in auctions. The Association also owns a Virtual Museum of Perfume Essence and Toilet Water Bottles, created over the years by jewelers, glass masters, designers, painters or scenographers. Through the niche competition, now in its third edition, IPBA supports artists passionate about the design of such objects, giving them visibility.


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