Uber presented a detailed plan to launch a flying taxi service by 2023 at its Uber Elevate conference this week, and announced a partnership with NASA to model an urban air-traffic control system, FT reports.

Uber’s analysis concluded that a massive increase in aircraft manufacturing, to a scale not seen since WWII, would drive down costs for an aerial commute to the same price as its land-based ride-sharing service today.

The company also revealed its vision for the ideal aerial vehicle, as well as renderings of the “skyports” from which these flying taxis would launch.

Uber says that it plans to begin testing “on-demand aviation” in just two years. However, some in the industry think that this is nothing but a marketing ploy to boost the company’s valuation for a possible stock market listing.

Even if the technology will be ready soon, there is still uncertainty about other components, such as regulations or whether people will tolerate the flying taxis.

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