Want to know the secrets to running a successful business? Business Review talked to the top managers who head up 20 of the most important organizations in their sectors to get the lowdown on the main lessons they have learned since taking the helm.

Here’s a lesson from Gilda Lazar, director corporate affairs & communications, JTI Romania, Moldova & Bulgaria:

“When you understand how to work within the limitations, there are infinite possibilities.” This was the answer of Steve Vai, the famous guitar player, to Catalin Stefanescu’s question during Garantat 100%, an iconic talk show, recommended by JTI Encounters. This is one of the lessons learned in 20 years of working at JTI Romania. Liberation within limitation. We are a legal business, but we happen to produce controversial products. One might think that the huge regulatory challenges we face and the increased demonization of the tobacco industry would discourage anyone, but I work for a great company with clear and high ethical standards.

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