This year we saw so far a really good range of smartphone launched on the market. And after Apple launch of iPhone X last year the prices went up, the barrier of EUR 1,000 being broken. But the Android phones of this year are not only pricy, they are also very good. So Apple will have to work a lot on its camera in order to get back on the game. 

But we are not taking iPhone into consideration right now, only the Android phones. We took a look at, one of the best testing sites in the world to see what devices came on top this year. It is not a top since the smartphones are not ranking from one to ten, its just what is best list on the market.

Huawei P20 Pro

The phone is among the last one launched and it should be good. With three cameras on the back and the main camera with a 40 megapixels sensor, the device is more a camera than a phone. And the photos are the best on the market right now, even in night mode.

The notched 1080 display is very good and combined with the design and performance it is by far the best Huawei’s phone to date. The price tag is RON 3,700 so it is not coming cheap.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The latest top of the line Samsung phone is Galaxy S9 Plus. While the smaller S9 is best suited for those who want a ‘normal’ size smartphone, the better camera (dual camera system) is on S9 Plus.

The phone has even better performance with the latest Snapdragon 845 chip or Exynos 9810 and a lovely 6.2 inch OLED display. The photos are good even in low light and the producer is pushing the slow-motion video. All around it is one of the best smartphones of the moment, but with a price up to RON 4,000 it is also quite expensive.

OnePlus 5T

The Chinese manufacturer succeeded in keeping a flagship phone with OnePlus 5T eve if it has the Snapdragon 835 processor. It also lacks water-resistance but the performance is not out of the highest levels.

It has a 6 inch display, OLED, and 6 or 8 GB of RAM, so it can cover any job you gave him. On the other hand the price is down to RON 2,600 for the 4GB/64GB version and RON 3,000 for the 6GB/128GB one, so it is cheaper than the other two.

HTC U11 Plus

The spruced-up version of the old U11 has a refined design, an almost bezel-less screen and a larger battery. It is also one of the cleanest Android devices and it is running 8.0 Oreo software.

It still has Hi-Res Audio support, one of the things that kept HTC different from other flagships in the past. The price tag of RON 3,200 is also quite high so unless you are a HTC enthusiast you may not even look at it. That doesn’t mean that it is not one of the best smartphones available.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Launched before P20, Mate 10 is a very serious smartphone packed with everything it needs for high performance. While it lacks a three-system camera, still makes good pictures and comes with a very good OLED display.

There is no headphone jack, a thing that becomes easily the norm for flagships these days, but the phone is rated IP 67 for water-resistance. The price is still at RON 3,300, not cheap but also not too expensive compared to other flagships.

LG V30

LG managed to make a great flagship with V30 with a 6 inch body that is smaller than you expect. The processor is Snapdragon 835, due to the fact that it was launched in September last year, but it is still a good phone today.

LG just launched G7, but we don’t have too many details on that. V30 can still be considered a best buy at a price of RON 2,800 since it is packing all the goods of a flagship.

Google Pixel 2 XL

The phone for those looking for the most vanilla Android experience. It is supposed to be a flagship worthy of the Google name and it appears to be so. But it is also one of the most expansive at RON 3,400 for 64GB storage and RON 3,900 for the 128GB so one might expect not to see to many sales of Pixel 2 XL.


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