According to a report by JRC and TomTom, Romanians spent 31.4 hours in road congestion annually in 2016, an amount of time slightly higher than the EU average of 30.35 hours.

The indicator assumes two 30km trips per day (morning peak and evening peak) and 220 working days. It takes into account all major roads in the 27 Member States for which data is available.

Romania was on 8th place for this indicator in 2016, while in 2015 and 2014 it had been on fifth place with 31.9 hours and 31.65 hours annually, respectively.

The top five countries for time spent in road congestion annually are the United Kingdom (45.09 hours), Belgium (38.82), Italy (37.86), Greece (35.63) and Luxembourg (35.18). Here is the full chart:

top road congestion

When it comes to the most congested cities in Europe, we learn that Romania’s capital Bucharest sees the heaviest traffic, according to TomTom’s 2017 Traffic Index. After Bucharest, the most congested cities in the EU are London and Marseille.



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