The Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) has announced that a decision will be made after the budget revision whether it will begin 5G auctions, and whether the sale of heavy water from state reserves will be started. From these two actions, the MFP hopes to get RON 2.3 billion and thus fall within the deficit target of 3 percent.

The MFP says that during the first budget revision they will also analyse the trends and levels of budgetary income and expenses, as well as the progress made towards the two measures.

The Ministry will establish whether the 5G auctions and heavy water sale measures will be implemented or if there are other fiscal-budgetary measures that could be taken in order to keep the deficit under 3 percent of GDP.

The president of the National Agency for the Administration and Regulation of Communications (ANCOM), Sorin Grindeanu, had recently said that he wants a national strategy for 5G so that the state would win as much as possible from the sale of licenses. He added that 5G will have effects on other sectors such as agriculture, transport, services, banking, health, culture and sport, which makes having a national strategy even more necessary.

According to Grindeanu, a study showed that by 2024, around USD 9 billion will be invested in Romania related to 5G technology, of which under USD 2 billion will be invested by the communications sector.



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