Buzau county is located in the historical region of Muntenia, Romania. The region hides interesting attractions of Romania, some “hidden gems”, such as the the saddle of Winds’ Gate, the Living Fires and the Muddy Volcanoes.

Siriu massif in Buzau mountains is offering one of the most beautiful landscapes in Romania. The most attractive track for tourists starts from the chalet Black Valley to the Wind’s Gate. The saddle of Winds’ Gate is the place where the Carpathian air drafts meet, at the altitude of 1,490 meters. It is a wide saddle between Bocarnea peak (1,657 m) at North and Malaia crest (1,662 m) at South.

At a walking distance from the Wind’s Gate is the “The Eagles’ Lake” or “The bottomless lake”. The lake is near Malaia peak, at over 1,400 meters altitude. It is called ” The Eagles’ Lake”  because here, according to the legend of Romanian writer Alexandru Vlahuta, “the eagles come on the spring, they drink water to grow young;  here they teach their babies to fly;  over this charming mirror are waking with the wings wide open the prideful heights’ kings.” It is also called the “Botomless lake” because, according to a legend, a shephard left its sheeps flock, threw his stick in the lake and left. After a year of wandering, missing his sheeps and places of origin, he came back home and found his stick in the lake.

Another interesting attraction on the track is the Living Fires. The main route to the Living Fires starts from the Terca village, Lopatari locality. The Living Fires is a natural phenomenon generated by the gases that blow out the cracks of the earth and then they catch fire spontaneously, forming flames of 50, up to 100 centimeters height.

The locals say the fire burns down once in a while, but people light them on. The flames reach higher heights in the nights, reaching up to 1.5 meters. Unfortunately, there is no touristic and road infrastructure. The nearest pensions are at over 20 km distance.

Photo source: ghiduri-turistice.info

Another attraction with natural gases in Buzau, which is easier to reach, is represented by Muddy Volcanos, the mini craters. They are spreading on around 30 hectars and the lava coming out is a blending of water with clay produced by the underground gases.

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Photo source: buzau.net

The muddy volcanoes were observed for the first time in Romania in Berca locality by the French H. Cognard in 1867 with the occasion of  some oil-bearing prospection.

Besides the volcanoes, which is the main attraction of the geographic reservation, there are also rare plants, halophile plants.

The volcanoes are close to Berca locality.

The road to the attraction is the national road DN10 (Buzau-Brasov).

All these attractions await for visitors willing to discover the beauties of Romania.


Featured Photo courtesy to: mecanturist.ro

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