The Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies has decided that fines for undeclared work will be limited to RON 200,000, but employers who carry on such practices even after being fined by inspectors will risk up to two years in jail.

New conditions are also imposed for companies with employees who work from home. The law will be sent to President Iohannis for promulgation.

Last year, the government had established that fines for undeclared work would be applied at the maximum limit, of RON 20,000, for each person detected without an individual work contract, and not when several people are found in this situation. Senators did not approve the new fines, but deputies, who had the final decision, did, as long as they were capped at RON 200,000. They also proposed that employers who carry on these illegal practices can be sent to prison.

The RON 200,000 limit is also valid for the new types of fines introduced by the government, such as: receiving an employee without sending the work report to the general registry of employees in due time; having an employee work during a time when their work contract is suspended; having an employee work outside established part-time work hours.

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