CyberSwarm is developing the first processor dedicated to cybersecurity, which will empower every device to defend itself against cyber attacks. According to company representatives, their goal is to create an efficient cybersecurity solution for the IoT with all its verticals. Currently the startup is testing an MVP with early adopters and is negotiating pre-sales with a large corporation.

“When describing 2017, we cannot help but use such words as terrific and productive,” startup representatives said. Having put together a solid and growing team of business experts and scientists, they are now focusing on helping their product take off. “What was just a sketch in January 2017 turned into reality in December: we are developing the first processor optimized for cybersecurity and the best part is that we are doing it all in Romania. We have finally patented some pieces of the puzzle, which is our technology, and learned how we can build it in the best way. These days we are working on the final touches and on filing even more patents.”

Also this year, CyberSwarm secured a seed round of funding from Tim Draper through Draper Associates. “It is a dream come true to find the right type of investor who respects your work as a startup and gives you enough freedom. CyberSwarm has also advanced in the negotiations for pre-sales and we are working on implementing our technology for early adopters.”

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