The net assets of the 187 open and closed funds, local and foreign, dropped by 1 percent in February to RON 2.62 billion (EUR 5.6 billion), registering a cumulated decrease of 0.5 percent after the first two months of the year, according to a release of the Association of Funds Administrators in Romania (AAF).

The net outflows in February amounted to RON 208 million, respectively EUR 44.7 million.

“The net assets of the 74 locally open funds decreased in February compared with January by 1 percent, respectively to RON 22.5 billion (EUR 4.8 billion), while the decrease from the current year was 1.1 percent.

The funds open locally registered net outflows of RON 232.7 million in February, targeting the bonds funds and instruments with fixed capital (-RON 179.2 million), the ones in the category “others” (RON -66.2 million) and the ones with guarantee capital ( RON -6.6 million), while the absolute yield funds (RON 9.8 million), the diversified funds (RON + 7.4 million), the share funds (RON 1.8 million) and the monetary funds (RON +0.3 million) benefited from net inflows,” says the document.

The net assets in RON of the 96 foreign open funds in Romania dropped by 0.4 percent compared with January, to RON 3 billion and registered an increase by 2.4 percent at the beginning of the year.

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