The Romanian Diversity Charter follows the already existent successful models of other European states and has at its basis a set of general principals, assumed voluntarily by the people who sign it with the purpose of promoting diversity, non-discrimination, inclusion and equality of chances at the workplace.

By Romanita Oprea

IAA joins the Diversity Charter endeavor, alongside other prestigious entities in Romania, with the purpose of showing its adhesion to the European Union common values regarding the supporting of diversity in all of its forms and the encouraging of the environments in which it is supported.

“Diversity, in all of its forms, is a proven results’ accelerator. But, in order for an organization to benefit from its results, it has to adopt, with honesty, a culture of equality of chances, of open dialogue in which are encouraged different opinions and among which the meritocracy is possible and credible. It’s the only way diversity is highlighted and can produce exceptional results,” said Maria Predoiu, president of IAA Romania.

“In the creative areas, such as the marcomm industry that IAA Romania represents with responsibility, the diversity is even more valuable as the innovating ideas are feeding from different opinions, from contrasts and diverse experiences. By signing The Diversity Charter we are expressing our support for the promoting of the principals of diversity in the organization and outside it,” added Predoiu.

The organizations that want to join The Diversity Charter are invited to sign the Charter’s text and to contact the project’s team. The Diversity Charter will be officially launched in Romania during a ceremony that will take place April 18th, at JW Marriott.

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