The Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici said this Wednesday that the legal framework of the damages recovery in criminal files has to be changed, and those who have to cover damages should have this possibility  instead of detention.

„The state has to recover the money. I don’t think that getting people into prison is a solution. I’ve discussed in the last days with many people from other European and American states, where the state’s main objective is the damages recovery, not getting a person into prison. Otherwise, you close down an important business, you lay off many employees instead of recovering the damages. We need to go with this approach, ” said Teodorovici.

He says there is need of change in the legislation in this respect.

„We need to have a clear evidence of the structures that have the role of recovering the damages and maybe a change in legislation, changes that can bring a framework for discussions at Government level, coalition level, these are not things invented by us,” added the minister.

At the DNA’ balance of 2017, Laura Codruta Kovesi, the cheaf prosecutor of the institution, said that some institutions are not civil parties in the damages recovery.

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