Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu said on Wednesday that the salaries of all the doctors, nurses and teachers in Romania will increase up to the government’s 2022 salary grid. The most important result, she claims, will be that doctors will no longer leave the country in search for better pay.

A primary doctor will thus make RON 15,000 (around EUR 3,200) per month, as opposed to RON 4,000 (EUR 850) they currently make, excluding other bonuses they may receive. A medical nurse’s salary will reach RON 4,355 (gross) according to the new plan.

“We were very glad to see that ever since last year the doctors’ exodus was reduced by 40 percent, based only on the promise that salaries will increase,” Vasilescu said.

Teachers will also get a 20 percent raise, so a level I pre-university teacher will have a salary of RON 4,724 gross.

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