Since 2012, the State Tax Agency (ANAF) has been requiring high income individuals in Romania to declare all revenues made outside the border.

Elaborate tax investigations are also conducted by ANAF inspectors to discover if these individuals can justify their net worth and pay taxes for all incomes.  According to the results of these investigations finished in 2017 for 166 of individuals with large fortunes and individuals classified by ANAF as having a high fiscal risk, the inspectors discovered undeclared incomes of EUR 66 million.

The tax income owed by these 166 investigated individuals was of EUR 17.58 million. The loss for the state is calculated around EUR 9.12 million.

ANAF has filed criminal lawsuits against 46 individuals, and the National Office for the Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering was notified.

In 2018, 10 individuals were investigated by ANAF, and the total of the undeclared revenues calculated were EUR 2.5 million. There were no criminal reports filled.

According to ANAF officials, the gap between declared and undeclared incomes comes mainly from money lent to companies and the acquisition of properties.

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