According to the Romanian National Rail Company (CFR), 19 trains which were meant to either arrive in or depart from Bucharest, Timisoara and Craiova had delays this morning due to the snowstorm that hit a large part of the country.

The most significant delays were on Giurgiu-Bucharest trains (145 minutes) and Timisoara-Bucharest (80 minutes) for trains arriving in Bucharest; two trains going from Bucharest to Timisoara had delays of 126 and 114 minutes respectively this morning. Other trains had delays of up to 50 minutes.

77 trains were cancelled due to weather conditions, which is around 6 percent of the total of 1,200 trains which travel in Romania daily. You can find updates on cancellation of CFR trains here.

The snow and low temperatures have affected more than half the country since Monday morning, with several roads having been closed by authorities due to unsafe driving conditions. One person has died in Suceava county due to the cold weather.

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