The Bucharest City Hall put up for debate a draft bill designed to increase the amount of taxes paid for land.

The municipality cites the provisions of the Law no 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code according to which the taxes can updated by April 30 depending on the inflation rate from the previous years.

Thus, the proposed hike in prices for intravilan with construction will be as follows: Zone A – from RON 10,353/hectare to RON 10,695 per hectare. In Zone B, from RON 8,597 per hectare to RON 8,881 per hectare. Zone C – from RON 6,499/ha to RON 6,713/ha, while for Zone D from RON 4,447/ha to RON 4,594/ha.

Regarding the extravilan land, the taxes will grow from RON 27/ha to RON 28/ha for land with constructions, from RON 46/ha to RON 48/ha for arable land and from RON 24/ha to RON 25/ha for land pastures.

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