The BR Awards jury had its second meeting this week and is ready to announce the shortlisted nominees for the 11 award categories.

In Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, the jury chose 5 finalists from the valid nomination submissions:

Alexandru Voiculescu – Purequad- His  unique characteristic of his company, PUREQUAD, which is self-funded, is the software outsourcing and software on demand. The company develops through partnerships, not by opening its own branches. Voiculescu has worked in software outsourcing since 2004 for various companies; in January 2016 he started to dedicate to his own company. In 2017 the company had 11 employees,  compared with 2016, when it had 1 employee.

Andrei Botescu – Pegas- Under Andrei Botescu’s supervision, Pegas now produces over 29 bike models in a wide range of colors. In 2012, four bike-passionate lead by Andrei Botescu organized in an independent project who recreated Pegas and transformed the old bicycle into a new form for the children who had grown up. Pegas is currently one of the most entrepreneurial Romanian stories.

Lavinia Vladu – CV30- She is constantly looking for opportunities to share her know-how and help people & businesses by bringing out the best in them. Science, future developments, new tech are some of her trending hot topics and being in contact with market innovation helped her create a great team of passionate, career-oriented & upright professionals. Her company’s mission is to provide transparent and valuable career information to Millennials, whilst creating authentic employers’ presentations. In 2017, her business objectives were to make companies aware of the importance of an authentic employer image and to teach candidates about their personal brand while writing a resume or attending a job interview.

Nicoleta Chirica – Iutta- She has been the driving force behind fashion brand Iutta since its launch in 2013. She came from a completely different background but decided to follow her passion and pursue the route of fashion and art. Aside from launching seasonal collections of bags, shoes and fashion accessories with a signature folk design, she also established the label on the Romanian market from year one. The philosophy she endorses is discovering local cultures and bringing them to life through iconic embroidery.

Radu Savopol – 5 to go- Savopol is a Romanian entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in HoReCa, succeeding to transpose similar concepts in different geographic regions of Romania, the last and the post important project is the coffee chain 5 to go. The company’s turnover increased by 134 percent in 2017 compared with 2016.


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