Romania is currently experiencing the largest macroeconomic inbalances since 2012, due to lack of reforms, said Andrei Rădulescu, senior economist of Banca Transilvania, quoted by Agerpres.

“If you look at the deterioration in the current account deficit and in both deficits, we have now the highest level of macroeconomic inbalances since 2012. Why? Because since 2012 all reforms have been stopped. Since the latest agreement with the IMF expired, all reforms stopped and only short-term measures were implemented”, Rădulescu said.

Romania experienced the fastest economic growth rates in post-crisis period comparing with other countries from the region and one of the highest in the European Union, but analysts estimate lower growth rates within the next years.

Banca Transilvania forecasts for the Romanian economy growth rates of 4,2 percent in 2018, 3,3 percent in 2019 and 3,1 percent in 2020, after a nine-year high of 7 percent in 2017.



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