The Environment Ministry mistakenly registered goods worth over RON 15.66 billion in 2016 in the accounts, as well as in the “Centralized Inventory of goods from state’s public field”, although they were protected areas with “different property forms”, according to the report of the Court of Accounts from  2016.

“In the inventory and evaluation of goods from the public and private field of the state has been observed that both in the own accounts, as well as in the centralized inventory of goods from public field of the state were registered mistakes in some goods that are not owned and are not in the entity’s administration. These goods, worth RON 15.66 billion, represent protected areas that were registered and declared as public goods, even if, according to the current legal provisions, for the Environment Ministry they represent only protection regimes for some perimeters aiming for the durable conservation and usage of the wild flora and fauna, the fields having different forms of property,” says the document.

At the same time, the conclusions of the Court of Accounts show in the Environment Ministry’s balance sheets were registered expenses with services done in December 2015, when the patrimony account from 2016, as well as the execution account, were falsified by RON 2.150 million.

“ The consolidated financial situation on December 31, 2016 and the reports don’t accurately reflect the information regarding the commercial debts and budget claims in the account “Commercial debts and prepayments”. This error comes from the accountancy of the Administration Fund for Environment, and through consolidation it was carried on. The value of the budget claims wrongly registered in the financial reports, under the form of commercial debts, although they were not financial claims, is RON 3.599 billion,” says the Court of Accounts.

“This disparity came due to the dysfunctionality of the accounting evidence and report of the informatics program, as well as due to some wrong internal controls of the accountancy department.

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