Cooperative Tara Mea, which produces Romanian dairies in value of EUR 500,000/month, has invested EUR 7 million in the factory from Barlad, which will open in 2 months, while other EUR 2 million will be allocated to the modernization of factories from Berca and Arad.

Cooperative Tara Mea owns 3 factories in Buzau, Arad and Ploiesti.

In 2017 Tara Mea registered a turnover of EUR 26 million.

“The main goal of the Cooperative is not to deliver more and more and faster, on the contrary: the investment of EUR 2 million will be used for the improvement of dairies’ production technology, so that we deliver the final consumer healthy products, of highest quality and the production itself to be beneficial for factories- the energy resources, the raw materials and the human resources to bring a convenient ratio time-quality-quantity, “ says Florin Burculescu, president of Cooperative “ Tara mea “.

The factory from Berca, Buzau county, is owned by the Cooperative and implied an investment of EUR 3 million. It produces annually between 60-80 tones of dairies and comprises almost 100 employees.

In the factory from Arad were invested EUR 4 million, while in the one from Pitesti were invested EUR 200,000, a pilot project, where are manufactured Romanian products following traditional recipes.

Agricultural cooperative “Tara Mea” was developed as unique business in Romania starting 2015. Currently, it comprises close to 350 farmers.

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