The Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) aims to issue in March treasury bonds for individuals, at the value of RON 1/instrument, said the sources from the institution, according to Agerpres.

For population we’ll implement a new program, the Treasury Program. It’s a new instrument for individuals, which will be distributed through the state treasury units. We announced the annual financing plan that we’ll launch. We also announced an amount of RON 4 million that we aim to take. It’s a somehow updated instrument, on which people was asking nostalgically and that we were issuing until 2005. At that moment it was issued though treasuries, but in a physical form, meaning the individual was receiving a certificate and it was the proof that he subscribed and that was the document for which the amount was reimbursed, as well as the interests,” says the source.

Now the instrument won’t be in a physical format.

“Basically you can go at the treasury that you belong to with your ID card, you open an account and the you can put cash in that account when you open it, or at the subscription of from home, from your created bank account. After creating this account, you  it however you want, when the Ministry of Public Finances announces this kind of issuings, because our intention is to issue monthly, you can go at the treasury to subscribe,” says the sources.

A certificate will have the value of RON 1 and the interests will be specified in the issuing documents.

“You cannot transact them, unlike Fidelis. We didn’t give up on Fidelis, we put them “on hold” because of this new instrument,” conclude the sources.

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