After winning an award at Internetics for the campaign „Prelungeste vara” (Winter is NOT Coming), UM Romania recently became the only Romanian agency awarded at Creative Media Awards, the only festival in the world that awards creativity in the media industry, at a global level. The same campaign created for KFC by UM Studios (the UM Romania’s branded content division) is the winner of the category Online Media: Branding. BR set down with for a quick Q&A with Catalin Dobre, creative director of McCann Central Eastern Europe.

What does this position represent for McCann Bucharest?

It’s an honour to be featured in the global ranking of agencies that, as Contagious describes them, “consistently set the standard for creativity, innovation and excellence in marketing.”.

The fact that we are number #2 on the list is most flattering. What stands behind it is the dedication and ambition of an incredibly talented team of creatives and clients.

What about for Romania and the Romanian advertising industry?

I think every Romanian creative should feel proud when they see a local agency featured in international rankings. We have a common goal in building Romania’s creative reputation. We need to be seen as a hot spot for creativity and innovation in the world. This will help us attract talent from all over the world and constantly improve our work.

Do you believe it will open doors for other Romanian agencies in the future?

Rankings usually have two effects. The first one is being flattering for the ones who are featured in the top. The second is making everybody else more ambitious. Romania is on an increasing trend in terms of creativity. We have a new generation of ambitious creatives that push to deliver breakthrough work and I think the results will show more and more.

Do you target a number 1 position next year?

We are holding this #2nd position in 2017 because we manage to deliver quality work across multiple clients. This ambition is part of our creative culture and we are constantly pushing ourselves to do more, to overcome our limits. To be braver and braver.

Do you believe that 2017 was the agency’s most creative year?

2017 was a really good year and we are really proud of our work. It makes us ambitious for 2018.

I don’t like to do rankings, I let others take care of that.

We just focus on the work and we believe the recognition always follows.

What is McCann Bucharest’s recipe for success?

We managed to build a creative culture that aims to get the best out of people.

They are the most important ones. They are also very ambitious and they have very high standards. That’s why they join McCann, because they feel this is a place where they can do work that they are proud of.

We share the same values with our clients and this is the reason why great work is being produced constantly.

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