Romanian roses import reached EUR 16.68 million in the first 11 months of 2017, while the Romanian roses exports reached EUR 13.91 million, according to the data published by Eurostat.

In the EU the roses exports of the member states outside EU in the first ten months of 2017 reached EUR 62 million and the imports outside EU were ten times higher, to EUR 624 million.

Netherlands is the main roses exporter in EU, by EUR 43 million in the first 10 months of 2017, owning 70 percent of the overall experts outside EU, followed by Lithuania, with EUR 7 million or 11 percent, Germany with over EUR 5 million or 8 percent and Latvia, under EUR 5 million or 7 percent.

The roses in EU reached especially in Russia, EUR 28 million or 45 percent of the overall exports outside EU, and Switzerland, with EUR 20 million or 31 percent, followed by Norway, with 4 million or 6 percent and Belarus with EUR 3 million or 5 percent.

Also, Netherlands was the main roses importers outside EU, EUR 478 million during January-October 2017, or 77 percent of the overall EU imports. Other important importers were UK with EUR 60 million imports value, or 10 percent, followed by Germany with EUR 35 million or 6 percent and Spain, with EUR 30 million or 5 percent.

Half of the roses imported by EU from outside of the EU community came from Kenya, in value of EUR 317 million or 51 percent of the overall EUR 624 million in January-October 2017, followed by Ethiopia with EUR 126 million or 20 percent and Ecuador with EUR 108 million or 17 percent.

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