The outsourcing company with Romanian majority capital, Optima, posted a turnover increase by 20 percent to RON 16 million.

“It’s the forth year in row when we register an increase by 20-25 percent. For 2018 we aim to keep the same tendency, even that we are aware that year by year, it’s harder and harder to support this trend because the root is higher and higher. Even if it’s an ambitious plan, at the end of 2018 we want to reach the level of RON 20 million turnover,” says Daniel Mereuta, general director of Optima.

In 2017 the company focused on the sales services development, including direct sales. For 2018, Optima aims to diversify the clients portfolio and the service offered, as well as the approach of other industries.

“There were situations when we started to work for a client for a certain type of business service, for example in sales, and then we diversified the activities for the same client. We are heading to an omnichannel on the services that we offer to our clients, including the digital area. We are growing because we have the capacity and resources to do it and we are present, besides the Bucharest office, in other two cities in development, Iasi and Brasov,” continued Mereuta.

A very important objective for 2018 is the growth and development of operations in Brasov and Iasi, but also in Bucharest.

“We already exceeded 300 employees in 3 offices; in Iasi we have 130 employees and we want to develop more because we have potential. The office in Brasov is the newest, and for this we applied for a state aid to create 60 new jobs until the end of 2018. Shortly, we have 4 growth directions for 2018: the development of our colleagues, the most important direction for the company development, the clients portfolio and services portfolio, as well as digitalization,” said Mereuta.

Optima company was set up in 2010 and its headquarter is in Bucharest. It’s member of Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL).

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