Online store of bio and vegan products registered an increase year-on-year by 32 percent in the turnover. The turnover increase up to 1.875 million is due to the positive dynamic of the transaction number, with 35 percent more orders than the previous year.

“In the last 2 years the acquisition behavior basically changed. If until now the clients’ basked comprised generally the same type of products, in the last years it has diversified, clients are trying new products, especially on the bio food segment, where we observed a significant development. An important step that we made in this respect was the investment in the development of Customer Care department and the complete documentation of products. On the other hand, we attracted a new public through competitive advantages, such as the launch of the loyalization program, the international delivery in a few days and the national delivery in 24-48 hours,” says Mihai Bucuroiu, founder and development director

The orders from mobiles registered an year-n-year increase by 40 percent and reached approximately 38 percent of the total.

The average order maintained at RON 150, the same as the top counties where most of the orders come from- Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi and Constanta.

In top of the best sold products on in 2017 are coconut oil, Manuka Raw honey, bio cinnamon , hemp oil, baking soda without aluminium.

The focus in 2018 will be on gourmet food products, supplements and bio cosmetics.

“For the moment we have close to 2,000 products in the food category, listed on site in a permanent stock in our storage in Brasov. The food category registered the biggest increases in 2017, close to 40 percent year-on-year and this year we’ll include in our portfolio more gourmet products. We feel that there is a high potential; on this niche, as our clients’ portfolio show us that are willing to invest in healthy products, certificates and even exclusive,” says Bucuroiu.

Bio cosmetics range brings around 15 percent of sales, while supplements represent around 50 percent.

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