The Ministry of Public Finance doesn’t work on the introduction of the tax per household, it’s false, said the head of the Ministry of Public Finance, Eugen Teodorovici.

“It’s false and I’ll have a discussion with my colleague Citu (PNL senator, Florin Citu), because he is also specialized in Finance. We have to be responsible when we declare this kind of things. It’s totally false. We don’t work on the introduction of the tax per household. Citu is finance specialist, senator and certain declarations need to be shared with a high responsibility. We should be responsible, because we know that our declarations influence, in a way or another, the market. It was proven every time that he wasn’t on topic. I’ll have a discussion with him, to see exactly which is the reason of these declarations. I understand, however the political fight should be extended up to a certain point (…) For sure, we don’t work on this in 2018,” said Teodorovici.

Citu said that the Ministry of finance didn’t give up on the tax per household and currently it prepares “the technical details” of it.

Teodorovici said that the Ministry is currently working on the simplification and on “the real reform of the system”.

“And this is what Romania needs nowadays. The fiscal part, if we’re looking  around Romania, it was very good. What do we need to eliminate the blockages that   the investors aside? Debureacratization, another behaviour of the office clerks, maybe less clerks at the counter, because everything will be online,” said Teodorovici.

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